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London Art Fair

London Art Fair 2019
Islington Design Centre, Islington N1
16-20 January 2019
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Presenting Kate McCrickard, Simon Lewty, Will Maclean, Jack Milroy, Mimei Thompson

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Also Known as Africa 2018
Carreau du Temple, 75003, Paris
8-11 November 2018

ART FIRST is delighted to participate in the third edition of AKAA, at which we present photographic works by the legendary African Ceremonies photographers, Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher, and from Graeme Williams there are selections from three different photographic essays: Painting over the Present, Scratching the Surface, and the political work from the 1990’s during the end of apartheid in South Africa.

Photography plays a special role in the second half of 20th Century and contemporary visual history in Africa, and we have great pleasure in presenting work by photographers who have dedicated decades of their lives to documenting, recording, celebrating and seeking the truth about the cultures to which they have devoted their time and commitment. The visual beauty we present stems from their careful in-depth observation, one that has won the acclaim, the awards and world-wide recognition by museums, collectors and publishers alike.

Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher, Afar woman with scarified face design, Danakli Depression, Ethiopia Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher, Dassanech Warrior, EthiopiaCarol Beckwith & Angela Fisher, Kara Painted Boy with Flowers, Omo River Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher, Turkana Woman, digital print on Hahnemühle photo rag, 70 x 50 cm, edition of 10 Graeme Williams, Scratching the Surface Series - 
Tony’s Cash & Carry, 2013, image Size 40.5 x 54 cm, edition of 5 Graeme Williams, Painting Over the Present Series - Ezenzeleni Township, Warden, 2011 Graeme Williams, Painting Over the Present Series Graeme Williams, Painting Over the Present Series

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British Art Fair 2018
20-23 September 2018

Christopher Cook, Figure 8 Wire, 2018, graphite on paper, 100 x 72 cm Christopher Cook, Skirmish, 2017, graphite on paper, 72 x 100 cm Donald Teskey, Coastal Report III – Erris, 2016,  acrylic on paper, 77 x 105 cm Donald Teskey, Riverbank IV, 2018, oil on canvas, 100 x 120 cm

ART FIRST is pleased to present a two-person dialogue between the award-winning mid-career artists Christopher Cook, Reader in Painting at Plymouth University, and Donald Teskey, RHA, Dublin.

Christopher Cook’s series of luminous black and white graphites, suspended in oil on paper convey an edgy ambiguity within supposedly familiar 17th Century Dutch, Italian and Spanish still life tableaux, filled with rich detail and alluring imaginative fantasy. Cook recently won first prize at ‘New Light’ (Bowes Museum and tour) with one of the preliminary works from this group. His work is held in collections including the British Museum, the Metropolitan Museum New York, Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge and the Yale Centre for British Art. 

Donald Teskey regularly takes up residencies in Co Mayo where the elemental clash of sea and stone on the western sea board have become a leitmotif of his art.  It is work from this dynamic West Coast series which has entered the collections of IMMA, Dublin – shown recently in their Coast-lines exhibition - The National Gallery, Dublin and the Limerick City Gallery of Art. We present a group of oils on paper from the coastal series, alongside Teskey’s ravishing, fresh-from-the-studio River Bank oils on canvas, not seen before in London.

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FNB Joburg Art Fair
Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa
6–9 September 2018

Joni Brenner, Hineni Hineni (LC), 2018, oil on canvas, 195 x 25 cm Kim Wolhuter, First Drink, Digital Print on Hahnemühle photo rag, 80 x 120 cm, edition of 10 Karel Nel, Orbicular Presences, 2015, pastel, metallic dust & dry pigment on bonded fibre fabric, 180 x 180 cm Graeme Williams, Stone Walls, Aerial View, Remnants of a Forgotten World Series, 2009, digital print on Hahnemühle photo rag, 54 x 54 cm, edition of 3 Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher, Salampasu Warrior, DR Congo

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Paper Matters installation image Paper Matters installation image Paper Matters installation image Paper Matters installation image

Paper Matters 2018
Works on paper: cut-outs/collages/drawings
Art First in residence at Eagle Gallery
159 Farringdon Road, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 3AL
6-30 June 2018

Exhibiting Artists
Christopher Cook / Simon Lewty / Will Maclean / Bridget Macdonald / Jack Milroy

This is the second exhibition in our planned series, Paper Matters, and once again it takes place in the form of a ‘Residency’ at the Eagle Gallery in Clerkenwell, where Emma Hill directs her programme of museum quality independent exhibitions.

Bookish could be an alternative title and indeed it is an adjective that may be applied to all five artists in different ways. ‘Art and Literature’ is another shared category. Perhaps the underlying common denominator is the implication of narrative, for every piece tells a story of some kind, leaving it wide open for our interpretation, the way poetry does.

Each participant has taught in a national art school and they each have work in distinguished museum and other public collections in the UK and abroad. Over the past two decades they have formed connections and enjoyed dialogues while exhibiting at ART FIRST and we would like to share the quiet resonances between them, with you; the viewer and the collector.

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   Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2018 installation image   
Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2018 installation image   Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2018 installation image

Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2018
Cape Town International Convention Centre
16–18 February 2018

Stand C6, featuring new work by Simon Lewty, Kate McCrickard, Jack Milroy and Karel Nel, and introducing photography by Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher, Graeme Williams and Kim Wolhuter.

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    London Art Fair 2018

London Art Fair 2018
Business Design Centre, Islington N1
17-21 January 2018

Stand 11, featuring Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Christopher Cook, Kevin Laycock, Simon Lewty, and Jack Milroy.

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