Chris Appleby
Luciano Bonomi
Richard Cook
Kimberley Gundle
Diana Hulton
Gillian Lever
Lino Mannocci
Clement Mcaleer
Amanda Vesey

Chris Appleby

Solo Exhibitions

2012 Chris Appleby
2005 Joey Two Streams
2003 The City Staged

Group Exhibitions

2003 Starting A Collection

Luciano Bonomi

1939 Born in Milan, Italy
1969 Trained at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan
1975 Exhibited in Italy
1978 Travelled extensively in Africa; worked in Kenya and Nigeria
1986 Worked in the Midlands
2003 Worked in the United Arab Emirates
2006 Lives and works in Latina, nearby Rome

Solo Exhibitions

1995 Re-Telling the Tales
1998 Tale: Ancient and Modern
2003 Story Lines
2008 Novellas
2009 da Mercato Irlandese a Polifemo, Galleria d'Arte Ghelfi, Vicenza (Italy)
2010 Artverona, Verona (Italy)

Group Exhibitions

1994 London Contemporary Art Fair
1999 Starting a Collection
2001 Ten years Celebrity
2006 Twelve Square
2007 Election
2007 The Postcard Project
2008 The Postcard Project
2009 The Postcard Project
2010 4 Scultori all'Abbazia di Fossanova, Fossanova (Italy)

Richard Cook

Richard Cook has lived and worked in Cornwall for over twenty years. Born in Chelenham in 1947, he spent his early childhood in Ceylon. From 1966 - 70 he trained at St Martin's School of Art, London, and at the Royal College of Art until 1973. He has been exhibiting for over twenty five years and has received awards from the British Council and the Arts Council. In 2001 he was given a solo show at Tate St Ives, with a related publication, and a major painting was acquired for the collection in 2006.

Solo Exhibitions

2010 Under the Summer, The Exchange, Penzance, Cornwall
> Exhibition catalogue (PDF, 932kb)

richard cook image  richard cook image  richard cook image

2008 Iridescence, Art First, London
2006 Art First, London
  Lemon Street, Truro
2003 Austin/Desmond Fine Art, London
2001 Tate St. Ives, Cornwall
2000 Austin/Desmond Fine Art, London
1997 Austin/Desmond Fine Art, London
1995 Austin/Desmond Fine Art, London
1993 Galerie am Savignyplatz, Berlin
1992 Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall
1989 Odette Gilbert Gallery, London

House Gallery, London

Group Exhibitions

2009 ZOOM – Looking Back/Looking Forward, Art First, London


Art Now, Tate St. Ives
  Election, Art First, London
2006 Drawing Inspiration: Contemporary British Drawing, Abbot Hall, Kendal
2005 Mixed Doubles, Art First, London
1994 Inside Outside, Anne Berthoud Gallery, London


Invited Artist, Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London
  Recent Acquisitions, British Museum
1992 Painting in Cornwall, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol
1990 A Century of Art in Cornwall, County Hall, Truro
1989 School of London, Works on Paper, Odette Gilbert Gallery
1987 Looking West, Newlyn Art Gallery and the Royal College of Art
1985 A Singular Vision, The Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter
1982 Summer Show, Serpentine Gallery, London
1981 Contemporary Artists in Camden, The Camden Arts Centre, London
1980 British Art 1940-1980, TheArts Council Collection,
  Hayward Gallery
1976-80 The Artist's Market, London
1976 The Human Clay, Hayward Gallery, London
1996 Mixed Exhibition, Connaught Brown, London


Kimberley Gundle

Kimberley Gundle was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1963. After completing her BA and Postgraduate Studies at the Michaelis School of Art, University of Cape Town (1983-88), she came to London in 1988 to study at the Slade and has lived and worked here ever since. Gundle has exhibited regularly with Art First in London, including three solo shows in 1996, 1999 and 2003. She has also had solo shows in Belfast (1991), at the Oxford Gallery, Oxford (1994) and at the Museum Annex, Hong Kong. She has participated in various group exhibitions in the UK, South Africa and Hong Kong from 1988 to the present, including the 2002 national touring exhibition, SHOE, curated by Kathy Fawcett at the City Art Gallery, Leicester. Her work can be found in various collections in the UK and South Africa, and individuals and families have commissioned her to paint them in their favourite shoes, knee downwards.

Solo Exhibitions

2009 A Slice of London
2005 Hall of Fame
2003 The Shoe Fits: Portraits Below the Knee
1999 Flower Sellers of London
1996 Cafe Observations

Group Exhibitions

2004 Spoilt for Choice: A Christmas Exhibition
Director’s Choice
2002/03 Art London Art Fair, Chelsea, London, with Art First
  The London Contemporary Art Fair, with Art First, London
2002 12” x 12”
2001 Starting a Collection III
10” x 10”
2000 Starting a Collection II
1997 Three Years On
1996 Art Miami 96, Miami, Florida, USA: with Art First London
1995 Londoners
The London Contemporary Art Fair: with Art First, London

Diana Hulton

Diana Cécile Hulton, Born 1945, Cape Town, South Africa.
Painted under the name of Diana Kenton from 1975-1991.


MA (Fine Arts), University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg

BA Fine Art (cum laude), University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

B. Com, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

Solo Exhibitions

2003 Parables of Light

Group Exhibitions

2004 Spoilt for Choice: A Christmas Show
Director's Choice
2003 Starting a Collection, Contemporary British Art
Small Pictures for December
artLONDON Contemporary Art Fair, with Art First Ltd
Art First in Print
2002 12" x 12" Temptations
2001 Art First at 10
1996 Three Years On!
1995 Art ’95 The London Contemporary Art Fair, with Art First
Under Other Skies
1994 The Featured Land
Art ’94 The London Contemporary Art Fair, with Art First

Gillian Lever

"My primary interest is in using colour to express a range of basic human emotions. Although my work is abstract, there are often suggestions of doorways or openings, passing places from the known to the unknown. Music that evokes a spiritual realm through the abstract language of sound has provided me with a rich source of inspiration in recent years. I search for the expression of such mystery through the physicality of paint."

Solo Exhibitions

2009 New works (with Clement McAleer)
2007 Subliminal Language (with Kevin Laycock)
2003 Loving the Questions
2001 New Paintings

Group Exhibitions

2006 Starting a Collection
  Christmas Exhibition
2005 Mixed Doubles
  Christmas Exhibition
2004 Fired Earth, Celebrating Twenty Years
2002 Starting a Collection
2001 Directors Choice, Art First, New York
1996 Three Years On
1994 Abstractions

Lino Mannocci

Lino Mannocci was born in Viareggio in Tuscany. He arrived in London in 1968 and studied at Camberwell School of Art (1970-73) and the Slade School of Art (1974-75). Since 1976 he has divided his time living and working in London and Montigiano, a small hilltop village just outside his birthplace. For the past 24 years he has exhibited regularly both in London and Italy. Recent solo exhibitions include Galleria Ceribelli, Bergamo (1996 and 1998), Galleri Ghelfi, Vicenza (1996), Eagle Gallery, London (1997). His first painting exhibition with Art First Storie di Mare took place in October 1999 and was held in conjunction with The Italian Cultural Institute(London) where a further selection of works on this theme was displayed. Since then he has had two further exhibitions with Art First Storie de Mare in 2000 and Bonfires and Other Stories in 2001. His work has been purchased by the British Museum, London; Altoner Museum, Amburgo; W.Hack Museum, Ludwigshaffen; Jenish Musée, Vevey, and numerous private collections in Europe and the USA. Mannocci’s images are quietly captivating. Using a palette of soft blues, browns and off-whites he imbues his subjects with an almost mystical light. Forms are pared down to their simplest shapes; paint is scraped and pulled across the surface of the canvas. The finished works are elegaic and invite contemplation. Narrative is suggested by the creation of quadrapartite groups of images placed in the centre of the canvas (they do not always follow on logically from one to another as in a strip) and these give a different sense of time and place to the single scenes. He also works on picture postcards, manipulating their imagery, challenging us to relook at places we think we know well. Painting out features or backgrounds and replacing building and/or objects out of context shows a lighter side of the artist, and places him as a contemporary exponent of the Italian capriccio.

Solo Exhibitions

2005 Cloud Paintings
2001 Bonfires and Other Stories
2000 Storie de Mare (postcards and prints)
1999 Storie de Mare

Group Exhibitions

2004 Works on Paper
Directors Choice
Spoilt for Choice: A Christmas Exhibition

Clement Mcaleer

Clement McAleer was born in 1949, Dungannon, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland. He studied Fine Art at Canterbury College of Art and the Royal College of Art, London (1975 - 78). He now lives and works in Belfast. He has twice been a prize-winner at the John Moores Exhibition in Liverpool (Xl and XVIII). He has exhibited extensively in Dublin (Kerlin Gallery, Hallward Gallery), Belfast (Fenderesky Gallery), Liverpool (Bluecoat Gallery and Ainscough Gallery) and London (Art First, most recently 1998, 2000), and work has steadily entered public and corporate collections including the Arts Councils of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Ulster Museum, European Parliament, Allied Irish Bank, Arthur Andersen & Co.

The focus of McAleer’s painting - on paper or on canvas - is primarily landscape: not the particularities of place, but rather the restless, shifting aspects of nature where cloud or water, land or sea transform themselves atmospherically, one into another. The West Coast of Ireland is a dominant source and a memory of it lurks everywhere in the studio, but Welsh and local coastal walks have their input too, and for the 1995 Aldeburgh Festival Exhibition, Suffolk’s marine greys had their turn. Travels around Europe (France, Germany, Netherlands) have added their own contribution to his work.

Whatever the subject - stormy sea, land towards sea, inland garden - the perspective is high, the brushwork as fresh as the gusts of wind which stir each surface, and the structure is firm. Sometimes a visible grid, but often submerged, this underlying order abstracts each painting, but serves also to release it slowly as the sense of 'being there' establishes itself. In the words of the Irish playwright Brian McAvera, "The slow hard-won subtleties of his work make his pictures your friends for life".

Solo Exhibitions

2009 New Works, Art First, London (with Gillian Lever)
2007 Passing Landscape, Art First, London
2006 Hallward Gallery, Dublin
  Gordon Gallery, Derry
2005 Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast
2002 Hallward Gallery, Dublin
Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast
Cape Coasts, Art First, London
2001 Sea Longing, University of Liverpool
2000 Hallward Gallery, Dublin
  New Paintings, Art First, London
1999 Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast
View Gallery, Liverpool
Monaghan County Museum, Ireland
1998 Marking the Land, Art First, London
1996 Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast
Land & Sea, Art First, London
1995 Aldeburgh Festival
Ainscough Gallery, Liverpool
1994 Cross Currents, Art First, London
1993 Midlands Contemporary Art, Birmingham
Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast
1992 Kerlin Gallery, Dublin
Turnpike Gallery, Leigh
1991 Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast
Midlands Contemporary Art, Birmingham
1990 Sligo Arts Festival, Ireland
Narrow Water Gallery, Co Down
John Clare Series, University of Liverpool
1989 Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast
1988 Opening of the Kerlin Gallery, Dublin
1987 Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast
The Winchester Gallery (touring exhibition)
Atkinson Art Gallery, Southport
Worcester City Art Gallery
1985 Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast
Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool
1984 Arts Council Gallery, Belfast
1983 Milton Keynes Exhibition Gallery
1982-3 Paton Gallery, London
1981 Tom Caldwell Gallery, Dublin
Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool
1979 Arts Council Gallery, Belfast
Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool

Group Exhibitions

2006 Twelve Square, Art First, London
2005 Twelve Square, Art First, London
2004 Elemental Arts Project, Fired Earth Interiors, with Art First
2002 H20, Water’s Edge, Art First, London
  Summer at Art First New York
  Carlton Festival Exhibition, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland
  Boyle Arts Festival, Co Roscommon, Ireland
  Works on Paper, Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast
  Living Landscape, Skibbereen, Co Cork, and tour to Scotland
2000 Art 2000, London Contemporary Art Fair, with Art First
  Starting a Collection, Art First, London
1999 Art'99, London Contemporary Art Fair, with Art First
  Starting a Collection, Art First, London
  Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London
1998 Rolling Devolution, Crawford Art Centre, St. Andrews, touring Scotland, Ireland and Wales
  Art’98, London Contemporary Art Fair, with Art First
  Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London
  Henley on Thames Festival, with Art First
1997 Three Years On!, Art First, London
  Art '97, London Contemporary Art Fair, with Art First
1995 Landscape at Large, Art First, London
  House Painters, Bluecoat Art Centre, Liverpool
  Words, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth touring to Fringe Gallery, Glasgow
1994/5/6 The London Contemporary Art Fair, Islington with Art First
1994 The Featured Land, Art First, London
1993 John Moores 18, Liverpool (Prizewinner)
1992/3 The London Contemporary Art Fair, Islington with Midlands Contemporary Art Ltd.
1991 Parable Island (Irish Art), Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool
1990 Art Cologne 1990 (Fenderesky Gallery), Cologne
1988 Ulster Art in the '80s, Gallagher Gallery, Dublin
  Art Cologne 1988 (Fenderesky Gallery), Cologne
1987 Kunst Aus Liverpool (5 artists), BBK Gallery, Cologne
1985 John Moores Liverpool Exhibition XIV
  14 Artists from Belfast, Mexico City
1983 The Granada Collection, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester
1982 The Ulysses Project, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin
  Irish Art, Vermont, U.S.A.
1981 Hibernian Inscape, Douglas Hyde Gallery Dublin, Orchard Gallery, Derry, Third Eye Centre, Glasgow Triptychs, Ian Birksted Gallery, London
  Art and the Sea, ICA London
1978 John Moores Liverpool Exhibition XI (Prizewinner)

Amanda Vesey

Born in 1939 in Hampshire, Amanda Vesey was educated at the Salisbury School of Art and at the Chelsea College of Art. She lives and works in Salisbury. With the diligence inherited from her career as a prominent writer and illustrator of children's books, Vesey observes ordinary moments of our quotidian landscape. The snapshot locations range from the parks of south London, glimpses caught touring France and Ireland to the random material of television. At first the work seems unassuming, then we understand the sympathetic familiarity and wry darkness of her pared-down vocabulary.

Solo Exhibitions

2009 New Paintings
2006 Paintings & Works on Paper
2001 Solo Exhibition