Director's Choice
6 July - 13 August 2004
In August the gallery is not open on Saturdays and will be closed from 14 August to 6 September

There is a moment at the end of each exhibition when I pause and look again at the works that have been on the gallery's walls for the month. Each time there is one that 'got away'. It may be a key work, or one whose qualities asserted themselves unwaveringly over the period. Sometimes the rightful owner was not identified, or happened to be away throughout the show. Whatever the reason, I know in my bones that the work in question must remain to hand in my 'cupboard', so that when the appropriate collector does visit the gallery, he or she will be introduced to something I have come to know and value and love.

Director's Choice is a gathering of such discoveries, large and small, recent or less recent, by Art First artists. Come and enjoy them, and look again, for yourself.

Clare Cooper