Falling and Flying
25 February - 27 March 2003
LONDON Main Gallery



Fun, sexy, engaging, inventive are all words that describe Jack MILROY's new exhibition. Enter Milroy's world and you enter a world of wit and adventure.

Milroy explores the realm of cutting and folding paper, animating either
illustrated books or his own digital imagery. At the heart of the exhibition is an exciting group of works made IN COLLABORATION with the author A.S. BYATT titled INTO THE DARK WOOD, where Byatt has selected words which Milroy has arranged into images. The densely packed letters suggest the claustrophobia and imagined sense of primeval danger lurking at the heart of any ancient forest.

Originally working with Eadweard Muybridge's photographs Milroy now photographs his own models who are set in myriad poses and caught in the process of doing various tasks. SYNCHRONISED IRONING sets the tone (who would have thought that ironing was so much fun?), followed by REVELATIONS IN THE KITCHEN and FALLING AND FLYING, a freefall work that gives the show its title. A homage to Muybridge is FLIGHT where Muybridge's photographed animals flee en masse through the plexi-glass case, on the rampage away from an unseen danger.

The exhibition is extended to include a selection of works made over the past 30 years. This is the first opportunity to see a range of MILROY's art, that reveals his historic use of everyday objects that are carefully and craftily re-invented. Source materials are as varied as one can imagine - postage stamps, comics, plastic flowers, a hot water bottle.. and not forgetting the dead rat!

A must see exhibition. An illustrated catalogue will be available with an
essay by A.S.BYATT and an introduction by WILLIAM PACKER who has assisted with the selection of works.